Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playing in the Rain

This morning, I dressed for my daily walk (that I don't really take EVERY day), ran out to take the trash to the alley (moments before the garbage truck drove by) and found that it was raining.  Bummer.  I was tempted to pull weeds, though, the harvest calling to me from the other side of a 4-foot high jungle.  So instead of walking, I weeded in the rain and enjoyed myself thoroughly!  It was also fun to brag at lunch time that several items in my salad were from my garden!
Today, while listening to Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time, I finished a pretty little pair of socks:
Nutkin Socks in Paca Peds H&T in Colorway Deep Sea
I won't bother mentioning yesterday's earthquake as it has been fully canvassed elsewhere by just about everyone.  I am pleasantly surprised by the solidness of my house; we didn't feel a thing.  Kinda wish we'd felt a little something so we could have joined in all the hoopla!

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  1. I need a pic of an intact tiny, baby green pepper. Your salad was mega adorable today!