Beloved Books

Raw Food

  • Raw Food Real World : This book reminds me of Gourmet magazine.  Glossy pages, good food, beautiful people.

  • Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 people: Simple but good food.  I turn to this book often for basics like Not-Tuna Pate or Apple Pie, Chocolate Mousse, and Ranch Dressing.  Also Zucchini Pasta!

  • The Complete Book of Raw Food:  My first raw food book.  The list of raw-foodist in the back is excellent for finding even more books.  A great reference book. 

  • The Raw Food Detox Diet: Natalia Rose has a great approach to becoming raw gradually and cleansing the body.  I perpetually have this out from the library. 

  • Raw Truth: Great charts for sprouting and fermenting.  This book makes me want to move to Hawaii and eat produce off of the trees.

  • Vogue Knitting:  The Ultimate Knitting Book: I highly recommend this to anyone serious about knitting.  It is like an encyclopedia.  Of course, if you have an ipad... This book is curiously void of sock and shawls.

  • Rowan Magazine: My favorite.  I can't always afford to buy them, but if I could, I would.

  • Knitted Lace of Estonia: I am on a lace/shawl kick and this book is lovely.

  • The Magnificat:  Thanks Mom!  I use it everyday, except on the days when I am a slacker.

  • Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence:  By Fr. Jeanne Pierre de Caussade.  SO Good!

  • The Cloud of Unknowing:  From the middle ages, for the contemplative in me.

  • The Beck Diet Solution:  I am so grateful for this book.  It was the missing piece of my weight-management puzzle.

  • Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey: Thanks Rod and Angela!  Now I can live like no one else so that later...
  • Please Understand Me II: Such a good treatment of the Myers-Briggs temperament types.