Tuesday, August 7, 2012


As promised, I will talk about something besides knitting today!  I've been eating mostly raw this summer. By "mostly" I mean over 50% but not close enough to 90% for me to be feeling as good as I'd like.  I've recently been inspired by Cherie Calbom's book The Juice Lady's Turbo Diet.  So, as John Pinette says, "I'm Juicing!" 

This morning I made the Have a Great Day Cocktail on page 162.  It was great; it's similar to the basic Green Lemonade in Raw Food Detox Diet, a nice basic green juice.  I always feel so energized and alive after a glass of fresh green juice!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Favorite Mitten

I know that I've been shockingly neglectful of the Raw and Catholic parts of my blog, but it's so much easier to jot a few quick words and photos about knitting than to collect my thoughts on faith and food.  Well, the food shouldn't be that complicated, assuming I'm being a good little raw-vegan.  I promise to reflect and write about something more important than mittens!

Speaking of mittens, here's another favorite from this year.  I was so pleased with how Spencer's birthday mittens came out that I knit another pair, but used a heart design chart from the same Rauma book.  There are so many little ends to weave-in and fiddly bits to sew up, but they're worth it, I think!

Kjærestevotter (Sweetheart Mittens) in 3 ply Strikkegarn

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Helianthus Mittenus

I've had a lot of fun knitting mittens this year and the "Helianthus Mittenus" pattern tops my list of favorites.  This was my first time using Rauma Finullgarn and I was not disappointed.  Norwegian yarns are like no other!  I'm hooked on Rauma!  For more information and lots of friendly help, Debbie at Nordic Fiber Arts in New Hampshire is the best!
This pattern fits my hands perfectly and thanks to the thumb gusset, the mittens look great, no stretching of the stitches around the thumbs.
Helianthus Mittenus in Rauma Finullgarn

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Mittens

As the New Year continued, I knit more mittens for the 12 Pairs of Mittens in 2012 Challenge.  A pattern that I had been admiring for a while was the Peerie Flooers.  Well, I started a Knit-Along in February in order to have companions in knitting the pattern, but there wasn't a whole lot of interest.  I kept knitting and posting my progress photos on Ravelry, but I re-worked the whole chart for the mittens.  Now, many months later, I'm still trying to motivate myself to weave-in all of those pesky ends and knit the thumbs!!!

Peerie Flooers in Rowan Yorkshire Tweed

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hippocampus in Chroma

Since I've been away from blogging for more than half the year, I have plenty of knitted things to share.  I'm participating in a challenge to knit 12 pairs of mittens in 2012.  I started off the year with great enthusiasm.  My first pair of mittens was the Hippocampus Mittens.  Unfortunately, I started them a few days before the New Year, so they don't count toward the challenge.  Or only one of them counts?  Also, they came out too small for me, so I gave them to Sarah.  The first time she wore them in the snow, they got really fuzzy and worn-looking.  So, if anyone is looking at the Knit Picks Chroma  in fingering weight, be warned!  It's not very hard-wearing.
Hippocampus Mittens in Knit Picks Chroma

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August and I'm Back!

It's apparent to me why the Spirit inspired me to choose "Hope and Be Not Afraid" for my theme for the year.  It's been one of the most challenging and painful years of my life, hence the abandonment of my blog.  I am alive, though!  And I've been continually working on remaining hopeful and not afraid.  One thing about suffering, it brings me to my knees like nothing else!
On the lighter side, I was able to continue knitting through the chaos and the pain.  For a while, all I could knit was dishcloths:

Mindless Dishcloths

I was, previous to life blowing-up in my face, a bit of a knitting snob.  I thought that knitting dishcloths was dumb and I was sure I would never do it.  Never say, "Never!"  I now see the value of knitting little colorful squares over and over again.  It was therapeutic.  I even started teaching a little group of women at my church  how to knit them.

One of my favorite projects from the year, so far:

Fingerless gloves with Finger Cover
These were a heck of a lot of fun to knit.  For anyone interested, the pattern is from Rauma LVS-3, Oppskrifter på Luer, Votter og Strømper