Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Work

Hi, all!  Today has been a work day for us; catching-up on the reading and assignments for school.  I am ready for a trip to a yarn shop!
During the past two weeks I have been reflecting on the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It has been very powerful for me.  Whenever I think that I am suffering, I say, "My sorrows are as nothing compared with yours."  I found a prayer card in a drawer that has the 7 promises of Our Lady to those who practice the devotion and the 7 sorrows, so I have been keeping it by my knitting corner to remind me!
I have been working diligently on my unfinished projects and am proud to say that I have finished four of them!  Pictures will be forthcoming.  For now, here's a photo of a yarn that I call "Play Date."
Franklin Natural Yarn Dyed "Play Date"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cleansing on Many Levels

Hello, my friends!
Today is the feast of St. Pio, as in  Padre Pio.  Just thought I'd mention it because he is so great.  Today's Magnificat reflection is something that he wrote and it is very challenging!  He has quite an inspiring perspective on suffering!
St. Pio
I am currently on day 6 of the Master Cleanse.  I've said it many times, but: I love the cleanse!  I feel amazing and I have a ridiculous amount of energy!  If you need a physical re-boot and your doctor says it's okay for you, I strongly recommend it.  My experience from one cleanse to the next is always a little different, but always a wonderful thing for my health!
The official book of the Cleanse
It is raining cats and dogs, so instead of walking today, I am taking my energy out on my unfinished projects.  I have many.  Lately I told myself that I would finish a bunch of my projects before starting any new ones.  So, naturally, I have started many more since then.  Today, I dug out all my hibernating projects, found their pattern notes and charts and jumped right in.  Feels great, too.  Like cleansing my project pile!  Here is one of  the little dears that will soon be finished:
Fiona Cardigan knit with Shetland Aran Yarn From Jamieson

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cute Mini Hot Water Bottle

Hi!  Since the weather is becoming autumnal here I was inspired to knit a hot water bottle cover.  Last year, an online friend of mine from England sent me some mini hot water bottles.  They are awfully cute!  You can take them along anywhere!  I am giving this one to my niece who is just as crazy about her hot water bottles as I am about mine!
Mini Hot Water Bottle For Christina made with Paca Peds Sock Yarn
The hot water bottle cover matches the pair of socks that I knit for her, too.  How cute is that?
Today is the first day of the novena that ends on the feast of St. Therese.  We'll see if I can make it through all 9 days this time!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love and Mercy

Hi, everyone!  I can't think of anything blog-worthy today.  But I do have pretty yarn to show.  I call it Love and Mercy:
"Love and Mercy"
It is Franklin Natural yarn from WEBS dyed with Pro Chemical and Dye acid dyes.  Photographed with "Love of Learning" figurine.  I love to read!  And dye wool!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Pebble in the Path of Paradise

Hello Friends!  Did any of you read the reflection for yesterday in the Magnificat?  It was a great reflection on the Gospel reading, contemplating the fact that everyone doesn't receive the same graces from God.  Why?  Well, you have to read the reflection to find out!  We cannot all be roses; God's garden needs flowers as well as grass and even pebbles.  And after all, it is no small thing to be a pebble in the path of Paradise!  Sometimes I feel like just a pebble, when I really want to be a rose!  I will try to be content being God's pebble!
Here is a picture of some yarn that I dyed which I call Cedar Point.  It is fun and happy, like a day at Cedar Point!
Franklin Natural Sock Yarn Dyed "Cedar Point"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Andean Socks

Hello all!  Happy feast of the Holy Name of Mary!  Great reflection in the Magnificat today.  I am inspired to call out to the Blessed Mother for her assistance all through the day!
Here is some sock yarn that I dyed after being inspired by the photo on page 87 of Andean Folk Knits:
"Andean Blanket" Sock Yarn
And here is the first sock knitted out of this yarn:
Andean Sock
My nephew and his new wife Kristen have been missionaries in Mexico and Ecuador.  I am going to give this pair to Kristen.
Bought the supplies to do my fall Master Cleanse.  I know, right?  You may think I am crazy, but I LOVE the Cleanse!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Couple of Treasures

I am knitting my second pair of Skew socks with another skein of my hand dyed yarn.  I am also listening to Treasure Island this week.  Jim Hawkins just met Long John Silver and despite his one leg and his being seen with Black Dog, Jim likes him and isn't worried about his being the cook on their treasure-seeking expedition.  Love it!
Here is my progress so far on Skew #2:
Skew Sock Knit With Hand-Dyed Yarn.  I call it "Backchat."                                                                       It looks very collegiate to me.  Makes me want to sail or row or something.
I did manage to mow a bit in the sweltering heat yesterday.  Then I came to me senses and I had the teenager do the rest of it.
Happy Lord's Day!  I hope you are well!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Skew Socks

Happy September!
I am settling in to the school year and anticipating the approaching autumn.  It is 92 degrees today and uncomfortably humid.  My grass is high enough to start drawing notice, but I am just recovering from my headcold.  My teenager brought the mower out as a first step toward mowing, but is now playing Xbox.  Sigh.
I finished my first pair of Skew socks, my new favorite sock pattern.  I am very pleased with them!
Skew Socks Knit With My Hand-Dyed Yarn
This pattern is free from  The designer says that although quite a bit of high school algebra and geometry went into the design, you only need to be able to count.  I would add that the ability to follow directions comes in handy as well as a memory that extends the length of time it takes to complete an entire row.  I have a tendency to forget what I am supposed to be doing by half way through a round.
Here's the back view:
This was yarn that I had named "Berries at Midnight"
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!