Saturday, October 13, 2012

No Fear

It's a beautiful autumn Saturday here, which means everyone is outside and it's quiet indoors!  sigh of relief

As I said on Tuesday, I've been reading the "Direction For Our Times" booklets a lot lately.  This has been a very challenging year for me, and these little messages have been encouraging and hopeful.  They are free at and I encourage everyone to take advantage of them!

Today I've been rereading the booklet on depression.  Here's a quote: " Do not be afraid...If you look at your situation and view it as heaven views it, you will understand that there is nothing on the earth that should make you fearful."  This goes hand-in-hand with my theme for the year: Hope and Be Not Afraid!  Several times in this particular booklet St. Dymphna speaks of the importance of exchanging earthly eyes for heavenly eyes.  This is my prayer, that I will allow the Holy Spirit to give me His perspective!

Here are a couple of pictures of the gloves that I'm making for Christopher this month.  One down, one to go!


  1. Your mittens are so beautiful. How you have the patience to knit something so detailed & intricate is beyond me :o)