Monday, November 22, 2010

Moussaka Monday

Hello all!  Today I made a vegetarian moussaka.  No, it's not raw.  But moussaka is my weakness at the Greek festival and I thought I would try this meatless version from  I made extra bachemel sauce and it overflowed in the oven!
It looked better when the top browned a bit.
Also, I wanted to show Christina my linzortorte because I was telling her on Facebook that it looks like my kids made it, but I alone am responsible for the wonky weirdness.
Sarah says it looks sensational.  Mmmm!  It's dark because there's 1 Tbsp of cocoa in the dough, along with cinnamon and stuff.  It's supposed to be made well in advance and kept in the fridge, so we'll see how it tastes on Thanksgiving. 
Again-not raw.  I am starting to think I should have named this blog "The Catholic Cooking Knitter."
Speaking of knitting, tonight was our new knit-night.  (used to be Thursday, now it's Monday).  I didn't go.  I watched "The Lord of the Rings" with Spencer.  Sometimes, this is the priority.
For those who asked, the hot water bottle cover from yesterday was made out of left-over Rowan Kid Classic.  70 stitches on US #7.  Thanks for checking in!  God bless you all! 


  1. Mousssssssaaaakkkkaaaaa! Mmmmmmmm! Sounds and looks yum!

    What's in the other dish you have? I've not heard of it before.

  2. Your torte looks soooo good! I do not care what you say! I can not wait to try some!
    PS. Yay for LOTR!!! ;)

  3. Patiently waiting for a new blog entry...... LOL

  4. Sam would actually be Heather but in disguise.