Monday, November 1, 2010

A Pretty Thing

Happy All Saints Day!  Did you go to mass yet?  It's not obligatory in my diocese, but I'm not sure why.  I mean, do they think that it's too harsh to make folks go to mass on a Holy day if it falls on either side of a Sunday?  I think we'll survive!  Christmas falls on a Saturday this year.  Hmmm.
Well, I am not done with the first one yet, but I thought I'd show you Ginny's birthday sock(s).  I am also using this opportunity to show off the socks that I finished today that are for me (the ones on my feet in the picture).  Don't tell Ginny I was knitting for me when I was supposed to be knitting for her!  Actually, I needed mindless knitting today and that meant not knitting her crazy-cables-and-twists-socks.
I am pretty happy with the way Ginny's are coming out, but for some reason I am over the moon about my own!  Not sure if you can see their true beauty, the right one's not that dark in real life.  This is the first pair that I have knit for me.  I have 2 pair that were kind-of "factory rejects."  Now I have my very own!
I am still cleansing.  My kids are pretty happy because apparently I cook like a fiend for them whenever I am on the Cleanse.  You know that scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie when Barbossa is watching Elisabeth eat and he says, "And the apples?  One of those?"  I go around feeding everyone and saying "And the apples?  One of those?"  Today I made my Grandmother's Bread Pudding, but don't worry, I won't show you.  My kitchen counters are too messy.  :)


  1. Wow...bummer that your 1st comment is an ad. Not cool.

    So I'm bitter about the pictures because I made bread pudding too and I wanted to see how yours turned out. Rod made me put raisins in it so it's pretty much done for me. Blech!

    I love those brown socks! Is that a K3, P1? I'm using that on a pair of men's socks that I'm making and I like the look but I'm using 2mm I think and I'm ready to check myself in because I feel like I'm stabbing myself while I knit so I don't get very far. But I've finally started the gusset so I'm pretty much done after that. I hope I am still motivated to make the second. Darn that fingerling weight!

  2. Just looked at Blue Moon Fiber Arts and they are having a yarn sale on November 20th. It's times like these I wish I was a bajillionaire! I'm so blah about hat is on my sticks now I wanna join their sock club next year.
    Also vie been reading the Harlot and I'm mesmerized by EVERYTHING!

  3. "what" what is on my sticks....I don't heart my iPad sometimes...