Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Begins

Hello!  The summer holiday begins this week for most of my kids.  Those who have "self-paced" classes are still finishing them.  Evidently self-paced for my kids is slow-paced (or no-paced).
I ordered a few more colors from Pro Chemical and Dye and they arrived this week!  I admired a pair of socks that a knitter/dyer had made and posted on Ravelry.  She had used a "sock blank" which is an already-knit rectangle of yarn that you dye and then unravel as you knit your socks.  I haven't tried the sock blank, but I attempted to achieve the same result with immersion dying.  This other knitter had a sock that alternated rows of black with pastel rows.  So this is what I did:
Lang Jawoll Over-Dyed with Jet Black,Watermelon, Spearmint, Turquoise, and Lilac.
You'll have to wait ages to see it as a sock because I already have so many pairs of socks in progress!

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