Friday, August 3, 2012

Hippocampus in Chroma

Since I've been away from blogging for more than half the year, I have plenty of knitted things to share.  I'm participating in a challenge to knit 12 pairs of mittens in 2012.  I started off the year with great enthusiasm.  My first pair of mittens was the Hippocampus Mittens.  Unfortunately, I started them a few days before the New Year, so they don't count toward the challenge.  Or only one of them counts?  Also, they came out too small for me, so I gave them to Sarah.  The first time she wore them in the snow, they got really fuzzy and worn-looking.  So, if anyone is looking at the Knit Picks Chroma  in fingering weight, be warned!  It's not very hard-wearing.
Hippocampus Mittens in Knit Picks Chroma

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