Thursday, August 2, 2012

August and I'm Back!

It's apparent to me why the Spirit inspired me to choose "Hope and Be Not Afraid" for my theme for the year.  It's been one of the most challenging and painful years of my life, hence the abandonment of my blog.  I am alive, though!  And I've been continually working on remaining hopeful and not afraid.  One thing about suffering, it brings me to my knees like nothing else!
On the lighter side, I was able to continue knitting through the chaos and the pain.  For a while, all I could knit was dishcloths:

Mindless Dishcloths

I was, previous to life blowing-up in my face, a bit of a knitting snob.  I thought that knitting dishcloths was dumb and I was sure I would never do it.  Never say, "Never!"  I now see the value of knitting little colorful squares over and over again.  It was therapeutic.  I even started teaching a little group of women at my church  how to knit them.

One of my favorite projects from the year, so far:

Fingerless gloves with Finger Cover
These were a heck of a lot of fun to knit.  For anyone interested, the pattern is from Rauma LVS-3, Oppskrifter på Luer, Votter og Strømper

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