Wednesday, June 24, 2015

From Fiber to Fascinator

Okay so it's not a fascinator, technically.  But alliteration is so pleasing!

I've been meaning to document some of my recent fiber-fun.  My latest craze is taking hand-painted fiber and breaking it down according to hue.  I blend it on my adored Clemes and Clemes blending board, and spin on my treasured Golding spindle.  Lots of fiber happiness happening!

This month, I did this with a beautiful merino braid from Into the Whirled, called, "Follow the Butterflies."  I used the yarn to knit a hat, top-down and BIG, using every last bit of my handspun yarn.

It was very scary, cutting that pom pom made with the last of this handspun.  But it worked out fine,  phew!

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