Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Couple of Cakes

This week we had a birthday, so we made a cake!  Sarah wanted the Skyrim logo on the top because she's quite a fan.  So, okee dokee!

It was very much a group effort, and while it seems silly for her to decorate her own cake, she wanted to!  Tim and I helped with the tracing and outlining of the logo.

We used my very favorite buttercream recipe and an entire pot of Wilton's black icing gel.  It kept looking like steel grey, so we kept adding more...

Well, let me tell you about black buttercream....  it tends to get everywhere, it turns the lips and mouth black, no matter how carefully it's eaten.  And turns something else green.... but I won't mention that because it's unmentionable!  I don't think we'll be doing black icing again soon, wink, wink...

The second "cake" of the week, is my little yarn cake.  I finished the Corriedale Irohamomiji yarn and gave it a good bath and whacking.  Caked-it up and it's ready for crocheting!  It's certainly a beauty!


  1. WOW, WOW & WOW again !! That cake is fab - it looks so professional :o) Bet it tasted good, too. As for the yarn cake - sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh of jealousy. It's beautiful :o)

  2. Thank you! You're making me come over all giggly and blushing!