Monday, July 6, 2015

F.R.O.G. Jam!

Last month, a Ravelry friend recommended that I try F.R.O.G. jam.  No, it isn't "raw food" by any means.  And NO it isn't made of frogs!  It's fig, raspberry, orange, and ginger.  Mmmm, so many good things in one jam!

I recently spent a day in Amish country, here in Ohio, so I snagged a couple of jars while I was there.  And our summer being so unseasonably cool, I baked some bread to go with it.  
I don't have jelly, jam, or marmalade very often, but I give this frog jam two thumbs up as an occasional treat for breakfast or tea time.  Mm, Mm!


  1. Ok, so suddenly I am longing for some of my late mothers dreamy home made bread. Oh. I can almost smell it! Forget the jam, more pics of that insanely heavenly looking bread please!!!!

  2. Hi there im hoping your well and just busy? I have asked if I can admin the Hot Water Bottle group as its not really doing much and at my age 70yrs.iv plenty of time and they are my passion....iv collected almost 1000 pictures on pinterest.Hope you can admin me in if your too busy.Thankyou.BLW