Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Japanese Knitting Project

Many greetings to you!  I hope you are all well!
This week, I have begun my first project using a Japanese pattern.  It is a cape by Hitomi Shida (志田 ひとみ), published in Couture Knit 15.  I swatched for it using panel A, Rowan Felted Tweed DK and 3.5mm needles.
My Swatch for my First Japanese Knitting Project.
The decoding is coming along fine due to the abundance of online resources for English-speakers wanting to use Japanese patterns.  The crazy thing?  Casting-on over 400 stitches.  I am using super-long double pointed needles because I don't have circulars in this size.
Crazy Lots of Stitches
Notice the clever use of waste yarn to mark off every 50 stitches?  Yeah, well, I didn't do that until I had finished casting-on and had counted to 428 about seventeen times.
Looks like I haven't gotten much done?  I am not too proud to admit that this has taken me many hours.
Next week is already Holy Week!  Seems like this Lent went really fast!

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