Monday, April 4, 2011

Monkey Socks

Good Morning!  I have been working away faithfully on my unfinished projects, although I have been sorely tempted to cast-on several new ones.  I finished Ginny's socks (Hurray!) and gave them to her (Hurray!).  Now I am finishing the second Hermione Mitten.  Since I have shown you the completed first ones, I won't waste your time showing you the second of either.  Suffice it to say, the mates look the same (or close enough!)

I have had an idea that I like-I would like to have a Hobbit-style birthday party this summer.  (Hobbits give gifts to everyone who comes to their parties).  I would like to knit up little things and wrap them and then have a gift exchange (as is done at many a company Christmas party).  I think it would be fun.  So I am hoping that someone will be around when my birthday comes!  Summer birthdays, ugh.  Relatives who constantly have their houses on the market, ugh!

Here is a picture of a pair of socks that I knit and gave to my friend Carol who subsequently had to mend them a dozen times.  Warning to all who are wooed by the gorgeous colors of Shibui Sock Yarn!  It doesn't wear well!
Monkey Socks knit in Shibui Sock Yarn

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