Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dyeing Sock Yarn

Hello, everyone!  
I have been having loads of fun lately dyeing wool.  I bought a sample kit of acid dyes from Pro Chemical and Dye.  The Autumn sampler has 6 colors, costs about ten dollars and creates infinite color combinations.  Just look at some of the skeins I dyed this week:
Scheepjees  Sock Yarn dyed in "Autumn"
This one was a tan-ish shade that I dyed-over.  I wrapped the yarn into a huge skein around my dining room table (with all the leaves in, which made it 9 feet long, a skein of 18 ft around).  Then I dyed a yard of each of the 6 colors in the Autumn pack: Spiced Pumpkin, Mocha Chino, Maple
sugar, Purple, Turkey Red, and Evergreen.  The yarn should make one-row stripes of each (I think).
Wildfoote dyed "Halloween Fright"
This one was cream-colored originally.  I wrapped it around the table with only one leaf in, so it was about 7 ft. long, 14 ft. around.  I  dyed 4 sections: pumpkin, maple, mocha and the evergreen.  The evergreen got so dark, it's almost black.  Still looks good, I think.
Froehlich Sedrun dyed "Pumpkin Patch"
For this one I meant to be uncommonly clever.  Firstly, I had these 2 skeins of Sedrun which weren't the same shade number, but to the naked eye they looked like the same cream color.  I wound them and the reinforcement thread into a huge skein on table as described above.  I figured that 9 ft of the pumpkin color would give me a nice fat stripe on the sock and that 3 ft sections of the maple sugar and the evergreen would give nice narrow stripes.  Well...
The two yarns took the dye differently.  Blagh!  So they aren't the same "dye lot" but they are going to be a pair of socks just the same!  And notice how I used three of the same colors as the previously-pictured yarn, but the colors came out so much brighter!
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine dyed "Turkey Red"
This skein was originally an uninspiring wheat color.  So, into the dye vat it went.  I dyed the whole thing a very pale shade of the Turkey Red and then did darker shades down the skein, adding more dye each hour by the 1/8 teaspoons.  I like it!
Well, I am now crazy dye-girl, having lots of fun!  And I am ordering the Winter  
sample pack, so stay tuned!

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