Monday, May 9, 2011

A Tangled Morning

Hello!  Well, I dyed some more wool!  This first one is Wildfoote yarn that I over-dyed with the Winter Sample kit from Pro-Chemical and Dye.
Again, I wrapped the yarn around my 9ft dining room table and sectioned it off in  six-3ft sections.  Then I dyed each section with about 1/8th of a tsp of dye.
Wildfoote Sock Yarn dyed with Winter Sample Kit
This second one is Froehlich Blauband Sock Yarn dyed with the Desert Sample kit, same technique as above.  When it was all done and dry, I had a heck of a tangled mess for some reason and spent this morning with it spread out around chairs winding it up.  It was very traumatizing and I am hoping that I forget all about it before I knit with it.  I don't want to harbor ill will towards it because it is beautiful, but I was in tears.  (I know, I'm a big baby).  My sixteen-year old son kept telling me it wasn't worth it and that I should throw it away.  But I conquered!!!
Froehlich Special Blauband over-dyed with the Desert Sample pack from Pro-Chemical and Dye
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