Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inspired By Mary

I have been checking out a lot of books from the library about dyeing yarn.  Often, the authors will write about looking to nature or other sources for color inspiration.  So, I was thinking that I would look to sacred art for inspiration, being a Catholic knitter and all.  I thought that I would choose colors of Our Lady.  Browsing around on, I noticed that common colors in icons and paintings are blue (obviously), and usually a dark red and some yellow-gold.
Now, I am not a color theorist.  I am also not too bright.  I never foresaw that these are the primary colors and that when applied to my yarn it might look like this:
Blessed Mother Yarn
It doesn't remind me of Our Lady.  It reminds me of Bozo the clown.  Oh well.  I thought of dyeing over the yellow sections with tan, but my son keeps encouraging me to leave it, saying that it will probably look good when I knit with it.  Hmm.

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