Monday, July 11, 2011

Dyeing, spinning, knitting

Hello, friends!  I still have no camera, so I can't show you what I have been up to.  I am so sad about this because I have just learned to spin wool on a drop spindle.  Today was my first day, actually!  I dyed about 4 oz of some Norwegian white wool that I bought from Paradise Fibers.  By the way, not only do I get more hours of fiber fun by buying roving, dyeing it, spinning it and then knitting it, but buying unspun fiber is about 4 times cheaper than buying yarn.  Depending on the yarn, I may save even more than that.  I'm sold.  Plus I am having crazy amounts of fun.  My yarn looks like a child made it.  A child who has only limited fine motor skills.  Who cares?  It's fun!  And it will make a fabulous hat!
Here's a picture that I took before my camera went away.  It's 2 of my darlings at the cemetery, where I love to walk everyday.
I have been gardening and mowing as well.  Thank God it's storming today.  I am a wee bit neglectful when it comes to watering the garden!

I hope that your summer has been blessed so far!  See you soon!

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