Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Couple of Treasures

I am knitting my second pair of Skew socks with another skein of my hand dyed yarn.  I am also listening to Treasure Island this week.  Jim Hawkins just met Long John Silver and despite his one leg and his being seen with Black Dog, Jim likes him and isn't worried about his being the cook on their treasure-seeking expedition.  Love it!
Here is my progress so far on Skew #2:
Skew Sock Knit With Hand-Dyed Yarn.  I call it "Backchat."                                                                       It looks very collegiate to me.  Makes me want to sail or row or something.
I did manage to mow a bit in the sweltering heat yesterday.  Then I came to me senses and I had the teenager do the rest of it.
Happy Lord's Day!  I hope you are well!

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