Friday, September 23, 2011

Cleansing on Many Levels

Hello, my friends!
Today is the feast of St. Pio, as in  Padre Pio.  Just thought I'd mention it because he is so great.  Today's Magnificat reflection is something that he wrote and it is very challenging!  He has quite an inspiring perspective on suffering!
St. Pio
I am currently on day 6 of the Master Cleanse.  I've said it many times, but: I love the cleanse!  I feel amazing and I have a ridiculous amount of energy!  If you need a physical re-boot and your doctor says it's okay for you, I strongly recommend it.  My experience from one cleanse to the next is always a little different, but always a wonderful thing for my health!
The official book of the Cleanse
It is raining cats and dogs, so instead of walking today, I am taking my energy out on my unfinished projects.  I have many.  Lately I told myself that I would finish a bunch of my projects before starting any new ones.  So, naturally, I have started many more since then.  Today, I dug out all my hibernating projects, found their pattern notes and charts and jumped right in.  Feels great, too.  Like cleansing my project pile!  Here is one of  the little dears that will soon be finished:
Fiona Cardigan knit with Shetland Aran Yarn From Jamieson

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