Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Stockings?

Okay, remember in the fall, when I was going to knit each of my children Christmas stockings?  Well, this is as far as I got:
Good news?  Now I have a whole 'nother year to plan to do something that I probably won't do.  I could even make out a schedule dividing the year into 5 equal parts (Theresa already has a stocking).  I could make short-term goals.  Maybe even calculate how many rows on average need to be completed each day?  Or...

1 comment:

  1. Those will be very cool! I expect to see your knitting schedule next Monday evening. lol

    Also, in my excitement of finishing the pieces to my sweater, I forgot that there are little things like the front edges and a collar that need to be considered. So I'm still not done......GAAAAAA!

    But I don't have a clue how to pick up stitches so I will wait until Monday and work on my cowl instead.