Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little House that is Scary

Sometimes I like to think "If my life was a show, what type of show would it be?"  I would like it to be fun and happy all the time, like a well-written sit-com.  When I am in self-pity and depression, it's like a Greek tragedy.  On the weekends my teen-agers are around more and my life resembles a daytime soap-opera.  Most afternoons I could host a cooking show and most evenings a knitting show.  My life could never be one of those programs like Little House or the Walton's where a problem arises, conflict ensues and all is resolved in the span of an hour (minus commercials).  But I wish it could!  I'd have the husband who is respected by the whole town and to whom everyone turns for wisdom.  I would always say supportive and kind things to my teen-agers and they would listen and apply my advice to their lives.  They would be tempted to do crazy things with the bad kids, but in the end would make good choices!
Okay, fantasy over.  Really my life is like the reality show that makes you throw things at the TV, yell at the people and call your friends to see if they are watching.
The weather here has been Hot Water Bottle Weather.  I am using mine almost constantly.  I keep the kettle on very low and refill often.  Christina recommended putting a few drops of essential oils on the cover to diffuse the fragrance and it is wonderful!  
Here's a picture of the hot water bottle cover that I knit for Christina.  Hi, Tina!

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  1. Gorgeous knitting, girly!

    Life is by definition our own reality show. We just do the best we can do and to loosely quote Maya Angelou, "when we know better, we do better."