Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crazy Striped Socks

Today I am knitting on my most recent pair of socks because the Hermione Scarf and I decided we need a little time apart.  We had been spending so much time together, I was experiencing deminishing returns. 
Here are the socks that I knit for Tim in a yarn that only he, of all my children, would wear.  He prefers hand-knit socks so much that he either needs to learn to knit them himself or date only knitters.
I saw my neice, Jessica in Krogers last night and she mentioned that she'd like another pair of socks.  She requested that they be colorful like her first pair.  Well, I have just the yarn...about as colorful as can be.
I am going to knit her the Jaywalkers.  Tune in again soon and see!  (But first I will finish Ginny's birthday socks-agh!)

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