Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eileen's Socks

After much quarreling with my phone and searching through discussion topics online, I learned that verizon phones don't want to cooperate in the normal way with Blogger.  However, a generous soul took the time to share an alternate way to send photos from my verizon phone to my blog.  Thank you, generous soul! 
So here we see the socks that I knit for Eileen.  The toes are different because of the yarn, so don't be too harsh in your comments!
Yarn: Opal ZwergerGarn which is thick, so I only needed 56 stitches.  And I did a short-row heel instead of my usual heel-flap.


  1. So beautiful! I want to knit my socks right now!

  2. We need more pictures of alternate views. And I wanna see those heels up close, so I can see the stitches, see...(Think 1940's crime shows)