Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend knitting plans

The fiber-snob in me says that I shouldn't love this because it's Patons from Jo-Ann's, but I DO Love it!
This week is a big coupon extravaganza at Jo-Ann Fabrics, so all of them were 40 % off.  Yea!  It's soft and the colours are totally nice.  I am going to bring the fall-coloured one on retreat this weekend in honour of the first day of Autumn (which was yesterday).Here are the socks I've been knitting recently, getting a lot done at physical therapy.

So, I'll finish these and start my fall ones.  She who comments the most frequently, may receive one of these beauties for Christmas!
P.S.  Like how I used the British spelling of colour, Christina?


  1. Beautiful colors! I wish we were knitting together. Maybe we should start a pattern together. I'd get you my picture of the socks but I can't find my charger for my Nikon. Did I leave it at your house up in the attic?

  2. Love the title of the blog and I am commenting without any expectation of getting socks. I love the socks I have already and am willing to let someone else experience the joy of wearing awesome socks made by M.E.

  3. I do love it!! and anyone who gets a pair of your lovely socks is very blessed! I know, because I LOVE mine!!