Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hello Friends!  This being my first post, I will give you a general idea of my life right now.
School started last month.  My oldest does an online school (when he can fit it in around his xbox-playing).  Halo Reach (a greatly anticipated game) was released on Tuesday, so we haven't seen too much of Christopher. 
My second-born, Theresa is a freshman at the public school.  She loves her youth groups and singing in the choir.
Child #3, Spencer started his first year at a minor seminary (boarding school for boys discerning the priesthood).  It's about 7 hours away.  I sent him a care package that cost more to ship than to fill!
My younger 3 kids are doing school online for the second year.  Tim loves lizards and Halo action figures.  Rebekah has been watching "I Dream of Jeannie" this week.  Sarah spends a lot of time playing with the neighbor kids.
Hopefully, this is not sounding like a bad Christmas form letter. 
This week my former mother-in-law was hospitalized due to kidney failure. The medical people said it's time for hospice.  So, say a prayer for Fabby and the family.
I was a slacker and didn't get to daily mass this week, except for Monday.  Haven't been having my morning prayer, either.  There, that doesn't sound like a Christmas form letter!

Saw Phantom of the Opera this week!!!  It was Amazing!  I am so thankful to my mother for giving me the tickets for my birthday!  Thanks Mom!
As for the raw food and knitting aspects of life, not so much this week.  Some sock knitting in physical therapy.  And everyday this week I was raw until I wasn't. ;)

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  1. Look at you so at home here. Great post look foreword to more! Love ya!