Monday, March 21, 2011

Freedom Spirit

Hello!  How are all of you?
Today I am understanding the motivation behind "spring cleaning."  There is something about this weather that makes me feel that all should be new and clean and fresh.  I have never really grasped the ritual of spring cleaning because as soon as it's nice out, wouldn't we all rather be out?  I mean, it makes more sense to clean all winter while your cooped-up in the house anyway.  Well, the wisdom is with our ancestors who, like me, couldn't care less how messy the house was getting all of December, January and February.  They just wanted to cuttle up with their tea, knitting and how water bottle!
Here is something new in my yarn stash:
Freedom Spirit
I am feeling the freedom spirit today!  It is 100% wool, soft and self-striping.  Mmmm!

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