Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Knit-Along

This morning, the girls and I are having an impromptu knit-along.
I finished a work-in-progress pair of socks last night.  Yay!  Today, I am working on Ginny's socks.  Double Yay!
If you have been reading for a while, you may remember that I started them in October for her birthday.  To be absolutely honest, I don't like how they were coming out.  I was using size 0 and Brown Sheep sock yarn.  It was too tight and the yarn was splitty.  Sooo, I restarted them today using size 1 needles and my favorite sock yarn, Froehlich.  Same color.  It's worth the restart.  They are too intricate not to be perfect.  Now I will be happy!  In this next picture you can see the unknit sock on my umbrella swift:
The girls and I are making Easter eggs.  Great way to use up left over sock yarn!
Knitted Easter Eggs
(picture is from the pattern)

This week, my kitchen faucet broke.  While waiting for the necessary parts to come, I am hauling water from the bathroom.  Like camping except, you know, not.  My friend reminded me that it's another Lenten sacrifice and that made me feel much better about it!
Happy knitting!

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