Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello, all!

Hello, all!  I hope you are well!
Today is one of those crazy spring days.  The forecast said rain and snow starting after lunch time.  While it was nice out, Sarah and I walked in the cemetery.  Here are a couple of pictures to prove it:
She is wearing a hat and scarf set that I made in my first few weeks as a knitter, about 9 years ago.  I used some sort of wool-blend boucle yarn.  Cool, eh?  I mean, warm, eh?
It may sound strange to walk in a cemetery, but ours is very beautiful and peaceful.  There are squirrels and deer and robins, none of them the slightest bit concerned about the occasional human.  Yesterday, I saw a robin pulling a worm out of the ground as I walked past.  So weird!
Well, my "works-in-progress" are coming along nicely.  I am almost done with Ginny's first sock, the re-do.  I am very happy with it.  The knitting has been enjoyable, too.
I made a new knitting friend on Ravelry who is from Birmingham, England.  She sent me mini-hot water bottles that she got at Poundland (This is the equivalent of the Dollar Store for you, Americans.  I am unreasonably amused by that).  I sent her yarn from the USA.  I don't know what it is about knitters, but they are the best bunch of people in the world!  Thanks, my new friend!
I have also been working on my novel.  This causes me to walk around in a sort-of haze of thought all day.  I haven't yet acquired the ability to confine my writing to specific times of the day.  Once I get going, I can't seem to stop!  Worst of all, I get the best ideas at mass.  Agh!

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