Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well Begun Is Half Done

Ginny's Socks Half Done
(on Little Miss Sarah's tiny foot)
I am really getting a lot of satisfaction in finishing up these unfinished projects!  Like the sense of accomplishment one gets from cleaning up and getting rid of the clutter.  Except that I hate cleaning and I love knitting!
I am working hard on Ginny's socks so that I don't lose momentum. 
Rebekah, Sarah and I finished our first little Easter eggs but haven't stuffed them yet.  Right now they resemble Chinese lanterns or Christmas bulbs but I am hoping they will look like eggs when they are filled.  Pictures will follow when that happens. :)
I am thinking of starting the Master Cleanse soon.  I really love the cleanse and it will be good for Lent.  My sister has been inspiring me by cleansing away and my neighbor called this morning looking for a good source for maple syrup.  I hear the Cleanse calling my name!
Phantom of the Opera is going so well at the high school.  Really, amazingly well.  Theresa is enjoying being in it and we are enjoying watching and listening.  Spellbound!

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