Friday, February 11, 2011

Macro-Cleaning and Micro-Cleaning

Hello, all!  Sadly, I haven't been knitting for a couple of days.  I have been (insert a shudder) cleaning.  I am not an expert cleaner, cleaning being something I like to keep low on my To-Do list.  I have an idea, however that the procedure should begin with what might be called the Macro-Cleaning.  Straightening the possessions, throwing out the junk, vacuuming... and then comes the Micro-Cleaning.  The little detail work.  Whenever I set out to clean, I immediately get caught-up in the minutia and loose sight of the bigger picture.  For example, "Look at this stack of paperwork, the bottom of which has dates which coincide with my high school graduation."  Or, "Look at how filthy the knobs are on this cabinet."  And off I go.  Three hours later, the house is still a mess, but the garbage is full of shredded paper and I have darn clean knobs.
Today I set out to clean two rooms, having formed a plan that will supposedly have my house clean and my Christmas decorations put away within... well,  a reasonable amount of time.  I cleaned out the breakfront instead:
I am going to use it to store candles for my Salt City Candle business.  As you can see, my inventory currently consists of about 6 candles.  Unfortunately, I have an attachment for each of them which will prevent me from parting with them.  Not only am I cleaning-challenged, I am selling-challenged, too!

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