Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Close Call-Too Close!

Hello Everyone!  Today has been a pretty good day, socially speaking.  At 10am I was able to knit at Carol's for about an hour and a half.  I finished sock #1 of the Patons Socks.  Last night I was knitting on the sock and the ball was looking very anemic.  As I got closer to the toe, I could tell it was going to be a close call.  This is how much yarn I had left when I finished:
My friend Sister Maria Theresa came over at lunch time and spent the afternoon with us, which is always a wonderful blessing.  It's a little chaotic, as everyone (including me) wants her attention.  But we managed.  I was showing her my sock and she said that she could use a pair as her feet get cold at night.  I was so happy because I have been trying to knit her socks for years and she has always said that she wouldn't be able to wear them since their habit requires plain black socks, all the same.  I had the pair that I finished last week that had no home. (Usually my socks tell me while I am knitting them, "I belong to so-and-so.")  Well, I went and got the socks for her and she was very pleased with them and said that they will match her PJs.  Yea! 
Also this week I realized that my sister Ginny only has one pair of knitted socks and I could have sworn she had 2.  In fact, I still think... So I will be knitting her some socks this month as well as my dad whose 80th birthday is the 17th.  So, if you don't see lots of pictures of socks in progress, give me a nudge.

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