Saturday, October 2, 2010

Medieval Festival

Today is the Medieval Festival at Franciscan University.  My kids have been enjoying this time for several years. 
This year, Spencer is away at school, Christopher went to a seminar for budding young men, and Tim bought 2 anoles (lizards) for his best friend and is tending to them upstairs. Since parking is ridiculous and I am not that into it, I dropped the other 3 kids off and came home to blog and have fun with Ravelry.  (I just happen to be there when Sarah was on the pony).
Ravelry is a site for knitters, as I have mentioned in previous posts.  I have had an account for a few years and have used it to find patterns, get ideas, buy yarn, etc.  I have been very blessed by others through Ravelry (see yesterday's post).  I felt that it was time to give back; to list my yarns, leave my comments, show my projects, and join the community.  In real life terms this means that there's yarn everywhere, my neighbors are wondering why I am taking pictures of my clothes on the porch, my kids are wondering if they are going to get a hot meal, and I am having the time of my life.
When I pull out all of my yarn stash, my son Christopher sees future economic benefit.  And he tries to get me to see it that way.  I see pure woolly joy.  And I want to knit my whole stash today.

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