Monday, October 25, 2010

Mini Stockings

Hi, all!  I am recovering today from my crazy weekend.  I managed to get some knitting in and some praying and some raw food, so I am covering all of my blogging basics.  The knitting makes for the best pictures, though, so here is my weekend in pics:
I am knitting these for Christmas (obviously).  I will knit these and some mini sweaters for gift ornaments.  I don't like the way the stranded knitting came out on the Santa stocking, so I will do it a little differently in future.
Theresa agreed to model my Angel lace shawl for you.  See the beads?  See the angels?  Lovely!
I also knit on Ginny's birthday socks, but I will save that for another post.
Yesterday's reflection in the Magnificat was another one from Jean-Pierre de Caussade.  He's my favorite.  Read it, you'll love it!
 Also, I have decided to reflect on the Stations of the Cross more frequently, so I am taking one each day to think about as I go about my duties and stuff.  It has been really good.  God bless, all!

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