Monday, October 11, 2010

Unknitting Lace

Hello!  It's been several days since I was here.  Spencer came home for 4 days and my family celebrated my father's 80th B-day.  So the weekend was much more exciting and eventful than usual.  I enjoyed it all and now am enjoying the return to "normal" life.
Today I knit on my dad's birthday socks.  Then, I unknit a couple of rows of the angel shawl for reasons that I will not go into here.  For my non-knitting friends, unknitting lace is one of the more penitential things a knitter can do.  Now, I can re knit it the way it should be with the yarn that my Ravelry friend sent me (see inspiring story below).
I have been eating non-raw since I was on retreat.  I chose not to bring 3 days worth of food to Chicago and be freaky-raw-food-girl.  But once off of plan, it became increasingly challenging for me to return to plan.  My thinking went something like this: 
"Well, I need to get back on track.  BUT since I am off track, I might as well eat the _______ that I haven't eaten for 8 weeks."  (Fill in blank with anything from McDonald's to Ben&Jerry's to Chinese food...).
Today, I am back to clean eating thanks to my motivation cards (or as Dr. Beck calls them "response cards").  Rereading all the reasons why I really want to be thin and healthy.  Also, finding these super-cool knitting patterns on was really motivating:
I will knit these and I will wear them!  And not in the x-large size!
Oh, I wanted to mention that the meditation in the Magnificat for today is wonderful.  It's from "The Cloud of Unknowing" which I love. 
Peace to you all!

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  1. Too bad about the shawl...
    Keep going with your cards and the clean eating. I know you can do this! You are inspiring to many people...Now excuse me while I go and kill my dog...