Friday, October 15, 2010

Library Fugative

I frequently have the following situation:
I put an item on hold at the library and wait a long time for it to be my turn to borrow it.  It comes in and I have no time to watch/read it.  It's due to go back and I don't want to part with it.  Hmmm.  I can't renew it because it's requested by other folks.  It's worth the dime-a-day-fine to keep it, except that I can't continue to check things out because I have become a library fugative.
This week, it's the 3rd season of Knitting Daily.  I haven't watched a single episode yet.  How long can I evade the authorities?  How high will my fine get?  How guilty will I feel about the knitters waiting for this dvd? 
These are the days of my life...


  1. Tsk, tsk...says this librarian! I know where you live!! ;)

  2. Next you'll be ducking for cover every time the cops drive by...