Saturday, October 16, 2010

Love for the Master

I have been reflecting recently about the type of love with which I want to love the Lord.  Jean-Pierre de Caussade talks about loving God for Him and not for what's in it for me, not with a mercenary love.  A mercenary is a paid soldier, a foreigner who fights for money.  Clearly not as good as a citizen who fights out of love and devotion for the king.
This reminded me of two of my favorite literary characters who each displayed incredible love and devotion to his master.  Firstly, Sam from the Lord of the Rings.
If you have seen the movies or better yet, read the books you know what I mean.  He went without food, offered to carry his master's cross, he actually carried his master at the end.  All with love and with no thought about the cost to self.  So good!
My second inspiration actually died for his master.  May seem silly to some of you, but I really love Dobby from the Harry Potter books.
What's so worth emulating about Dobby is his focus on Harry's goodness.  He praises him for his virtues and has great humility before him.  When Harry pays him the slightest bit of attention, Dobby's eyes swim with tears, he is so happy.  Harry gives him a task and he proudly stays up for days without sleep to complete it!
So, my question to self is: Am I like this before the Lord?  Am I willing to lay it all down for love of the Master without thought of self?  Am I so focused on Who He Is, that when I see His goodness in my life I am moved to tears at the wonder of His great condescension?  I want to!
I tell you, when I read these characters I am actuated, if actuated is the word I mean.  And they aren't even the heroes!  Or aren't they?

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