Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something Lovely

Really, I just wanted to show off my nails. ;)
This is a lovely little glove that was meant for Christina, but I am not going to have enough yarn in this color.  So it stays in the closet and occasionally I take it out and admire it.  The needles are ebony and were a gift from my knitting group.  (Thanks ladies!)  I stepped on one and broke it, so now I only have 4.  Sad face. 
Today we are getting caught-up on our past-due assignments in our on-line school.  Not fun, but gratifying.  I am really coming along on my dad's sock.  I'll show you a picture tomorrow when I will hopefully have one whole sock done.  Yea!
For anyone out there whom I haven't told, Fabby died last week and yesterday was her funeral.  You can see her obit in the Missoulian on line.  I know that this is especially hard for all of the family out there, so if you can spare a prayer...
Oh, and yesterday was Christopher's birthday.  Happy birthday, Chris!


  1. The first thing I thought was, "nice nails"! That glove is beautiful. I can't wait to see your dads sock. Do you take picks with your camera or your phone for posting?
    So sorry to hear about Fabby. I hope the kids are doing ok.

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